Thursday, June 13, 2013

Kumihimo - an experiment

I rarely work with any kind of fiber so any excursion into its use is a huge ordeal for me.  I literally sit there and stare at it with nervous anticipation because I don't know where to turn.  Case in point, I bought two kumihimo boards about 3 years ago and even made the cord used in this project over a year ago, but never figured out where to use it.

FINALLY, I had a small stroke of brilliance when I saw the carved mother of pearl pendant that my daughter picked out about six months ago.  I really only figured it out because I was organizing and cleaning my room of ingenuity aka the black hole aka my craft room. 

I don't know that I'll do a ton of kumihimo, but it's something I can take on a plane easily.  It is, however, a lot of work for one cord.  Without further ado, here goes:


  1. lovely! I agree that kumihimo takes a while - I think it would go a lot fast with the traditional setup vs. the little foam boards that are usually sold. VERY nice work and love the mix of colors in the cord!

  2. Stephanie, that's really nice :-)such a beautiful combination with the copper and the pink colour of the focal. A good choice made by your daughter! Have fun with it, your experiment is very successful!