Wednesday, January 30, 2013


In the spirit of attempting to take better pictures, I bought a light box.  Unfortunately, one of the lamps that came with it met an untimely death before I could use it.  That's alright.  Even with just one light, my pictures came out better if I do say so myself.

Today I sat down with the intention of attempting something new.  I didn't do as well as I wanted, but I don't think it turned out too badly.  It's at the very least - interesting.  Unfortunately, I can't have a redo on this one because I cracked the glass when I set it.  I do, however, have another slightly larger one that I can use now that I've learned from the original. 

Wine bottle glass set in hand forged copper with hand rivets and corkscrew bail.  You can't tell in this picture very well, but that bottle is actually dark brown glass.  I loved it and completely meant the rustic kind of a look.  I'm going to try something different with the green version I have.  I love the heat patina I put on this to make it look a bit older.  I had a lot more fun than I should have with the torch.

White Drusy wire wrapped in sterling silver.  I love the sparkle that the camera picked up. 
Glass wire wrapped in sterling. 

This was fun to make as I so rarely just string something.  These beads were deceptively expensive, but I love how it manages to be neutral with a ton of color.

I love this flower.  It was one of my first metalworking experiments.  I've become a much better sawer as a result of this project.  It only gets better with age as the copper naturally patinas.
More wireworking.  I <3 wire.