Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bead Soup

I got my bead soup last Thursday and I completely meant to put up a blog posting with what I received.  I'm so incredibly excited to be working with Patty.  It all came neatly packaged.  Below is what she sent me:

Aluminum clasp with Vintage patina handmade by Patty
Gorgeous lamp work beads by Patty
Vintage silver & glass beads
New Jade chips
Dragon Vein Agate
Tibetan Silver spacers
Recycled Sari Silk - Mud Hound Studios
aluminum sheet
AND as a nice bonus - she sent a lot of recycled computer parts that I can twist into some fun components. 

Patty did a fantastic job!  In fact, I had a moment of inspiration late last night and worked into the wee hours created a really fun bracelet and necklace.  I have an idea for another bracelet and some earrings plus a few other fun components.  I can't wait to reveal.  :)

She's revealed what I sent to her on her blog --  She was much more on the ball than I was and already posted what she received.  In fact, she took much better pictures of them than I did so I'm shamelessly stealing the picture she posted on her blog.  I can't wait to see what she makes out of what I sent.


  1. We both have great soups! I was thinking the same thing about the pictures you took...much better than mine!

    Happy Soup!!

  2. These are both really great soups, you guys will have so much fun with these! Can't wait till reveal!!!