Monday, February 25, 2013

New... Shiny! Beads Everywhere

This past weekend was jam packed full of things and I didn't stop going.  I think total I had about 5 hours of sleep for the entire weekend, but it was a blast.  Ainsley had her final regular season basketball game, basketball party, clay and art time at school, a movie and dinner.  That was Saturday.  Now SUNDAY, I spent at the Fort Worth Intergem Show.  The past two years, the show has been small, but it's doubled in size in such a short time.  I came out with some fantastic buys.

Lot of fused glass - I love this stuff.  I think I'm going to set some of the small rounds as the center of various shapes including flowers.  I think that'd be adorable.

Onyx - hand faceted - cushion squares.  I LOVE these.  Super sparkly.

I think these skulls were kind of cherry.  But seriously - I plan to do a copper charm bracelet out of them.  I had someone in mind when I bought them.  I believe they're dyed Howlite. 

Fun black agate beads.  Different shape.  I should have bought two strands.

Ruby in Zoisite.  I love this stuff so much that I hoard it.  I have numerous chains that people keep offering to purchase off my neck, but I just can't part with it.  I think I have a problem.
Various stone pendants - charoite, random funky blue stone, quartz, shell, onyx, picture jasper and unakite

Pile of wood beads.  I've been drawn to a lot of porcelain beads and I think these would go beautifully with them as well as offset the weight of the heavy beads.

Turtles!  Onyx and Lapis Lazuli.  I thought they'd be cute on some bracelets.

Tumbled Glass rings.  I'm not entirely sold on these anymore, but I bet I can figure something out.  

White Agate - they look like Calla Lillies to me.  I think I'm going to put a tiny crystal in the middle and then bunch them up as a pendant.  I also bought some matte black ones which did not photograph exceedingly well.
I don't normally buy finished jewelry, but I loved how this one looked on me.  Just some dyed $3 Howlite, but it will be fun with a tshirt or a denim shirt. 
31 bags of various copper and sterling silver filled beads.  I dug around in these bead piles for about 30 minutes, but man... I came away with some fun things!

Here are some samples of my favorites.  I can't wait to rivet the large one to a ring.  I think it's be a ton of fun.

I adore these - so natural with a fun shape.  Picasso Jasper.

Lots of matching beads.  I have some beautiful cabs that match these perfectly.  I would have bought another strand of tear drop, but that was the last one she had.

Amethyst - aren't these fun? I think I'm going to build up a bail around them or make some fun 3D pendants.  A couple of them are small enough to be some unusual rings.

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  1. Wow..nice haul. Looks like it was a blast. Better bring an empty suit case to bead and button! ;)